Le Schneeberg

Le Schneeberg, lodging rooms in Wangenbourg, Alsace

Hotel - Restaurant since the 19th Century, the Schneeberg welcomes you for a stay to the rhythm of nature. In the widest forest massif of the Vosges, it is at leisure that you will be able to contemplate the green fir trees and the wonderful colours of larches, oaks and beeches, from our house overhanging the valley.

Have tea in the garden, in the shade of four lime trees, or outside, in the sun…

This old building, taken over in 1997, is under rehabilitation every winter. The restoration work has been respecting the spirit of the beginning of the 20th century and has been making this house into a place where you can immerse yourself in what could have been, in the past, a simple stay, close to nature.
Carte postale ancienne
Old postcard

Vue générale sur Wangenbourg
Overview on Wangenbourg

Château de Wangenbourg
Wangenbourg castle

A green development

This house requires something which is very important: the ecological energy management.

In addition to regular insulation work, a beautiful “Kachelofe” (or earthenware stove) has been installed in the middle of the big living-room. It is the first installation within the house that uses a renewable energy source: wood. 200 square metres are thus being heated up. In winter, how pleasant to sit against this comforting source of heat, while discussing with friends!

In 2005, the installation of solar panels has allowed to produce warm water for showers, washbasins, as well as for the kitchen and the swimming-pool. These installations are thus being supplied by a second renewable energy to which we are next to since the Earth has existed: sun.

In 2006, the Schneeberg received the "renewable energies installation trophy award" for its engagement in the collective private ecological project.

In the future, the Schneeberg plans to produce electricity itself and to retrieve rainwater in order to supply bathroom fittings.

Jacqueline, Florian and their son Alexandre are here to offer you a pleasant stay in a family atmosphere and a magnificent setting.